You unceremoniously washed your hands of me.

As I dismember myself into a manifold of fragments

I explore the fluid fleshiness of physicality

This is where I become limitless and there is a devouring of desires and impulses of bodily drives.

A sensorium that entwines the inside and outside so that there is no longer an inside and outside.

Everything is enfolded, a breath, a moment, touch. I Become a multiple and I emerge myself into this raw desirousness where images come first and I am not only consumed by the pleasure, but from the lingering pain which emerges from my skin and then back into it again.

The body extends beyond itself, boundaries dissolve to a place of double sensations, and objects touch themselves upon me, as I touch myself upon them.

Where does one end and one begin.

I remap the topography of the body and its sensory properties by continuously undoing, unmaking to reassemble again.

The body now is barely present, but its traces, remnants of touch become a mere echo.

Nuala Clooney 2015


Detail 3