Intimate Uncertainty

My work explores intimacy as a human condition using my own body as the vehicle.
Each of us trace and map our bodies and those we love. Exploring and discovering how we experience sensations; all the intimacy, pain and pleasure we share.
These pieces are expressions of the inside/outside place, the space in between the body and the world: the receptacles where we receive contain and ultimately exit with our last breath.
The intention is that the work has a life force of its own, a vessel for those emotions we all have felt and shared. 


Nuala Clooney’s work is a tangible exploration of her own emotionality; the objects created as part of this exploration are intimate, expressing shared physicality and sensuality. The process starts by casting fragments of her body, working intuitively to explore emotions and feelings in an immediate and physical manner. Casting is an alchemic process where molten materials; glass, chocolate and metals all share liquidity and viscosity which is sensual, like honey.

Whilst creating your own narrative, you are drawn to Nuala's, one that unfolds with the combination of wine stained ribbon, finger spoons with garnets, found objects and bell jars. By using her own life experience as material and drawing from psychology, poetry, emotional intelligence and philosophy, Nuala has added layers of meaning to the work using the made, the found and the edible, conveying the sensations of desire, intimacy, sorrow, sentimentality and fragility. The pieces are expressions of our inside/outside places, developing connections with the spaces between the body and the world. ‘The receptacles where we receive contain and ultimately exit with our last breath.’

Hand and mouth crafted, the pieces carry the traces of her body’s involvement because of the very physical nature of making. The pieces either go into or are formed from the mouth, often by a process of moulding her mouth, filling the void with material. The contemplation is then reflected in the pieces themselves; an opening mouth, a cavity where there is space, a void, and silence.

An Intimate Uncertainty is compromised an assembleage of 5 tables, each with cast parts of Nuala’s body, juxtaposed with various ephemera and threaded together with one narrative. Each table should be viewed individually, but one intuitively knows the others are part of the relationship and the overall dialogue.

The resulting installation is intended to evoke feelings and memories, familiar and yet uncanny engaging us in a shared intimacy transgressing conventional boundaries.