The Missing Guest

The Missing Guest is ....inspired by an essay "The missing guest: the twisted topology of hospitality" written by Donald Zunze.

"Shall we start with the dinner table? Someone's missing-that's the key. The guest who couldn't make it, the departed loved one, the companion away in some foreign land. Through toasts, prayers, feasts for the dead, empty place settings, we refer to their absence. No matter who's there, someone is always missing. The hearth is the reference point of this absence."

Who is missing for your table?

The missing guest is an installation comprising of 5 tables. Each table offers a serving of love objects that mark the spot of an absence

These assemblages are a re-configuration of known rituals but presented in a manner that echoes the spaces where dining takes place in one’s home.


Fading / fade-out

Painful ordeal in which the loved being appears to withdraw from all contact, without such enigmatic indifference even being directed against the amorous subject or pronounced to the advantage of anyone else, world or rival.